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Paint color for Stensun Lightgreen

Paint color for Stensun Lightgreen

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Lacquer color matched to IKEA's Stensund Lightgreen.

The product is suitable for indoor painting of primed or previously painted surfaces
surfaces such as furniture, doors, window frames, cabinet series, moldings, panels,
panel roofs, ventilation ducts, stair railings, heating elements and pipelines. When painting untreated surfaces, a base color is recommended for optimality
adhesion. you will find it here

note! The colors seen on the screen should only be seen for reference as a certain color difference may occur depending on the monitor, photo quality and resolution.

Also keep in mind that the colors yellow / change over time. Our colors are matched to brand new IKEA products. 



    • Practical paint consumption: 8 - 10 m²/l
    • Size: 1-liter or Paint stick 20 ml
    • Gloss: 40 Semi-gloss
    • Drying time at +23°C / 50% RH
    • Dust dry: after 1 hour
    • Can be painted over: after 6 hours
    • Thoroughly dry: after 2 - 3 days Drying is delayed when the air is cool and/or damp. The product reaches its final hardness and durability under normal conditions after approx. 1 month.
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