About us

Cancolour is a brand within the company Spraycan Sweden AB from Västerås.

We who run Cancolour.se together have more than 30 years of experience in color sales and nuances of color products. We like color and since a few years ago also run the Spraycan.se e-commerce where you can buy lots of colors and other products in spray paint.

During the years that we have worked with color, we have received many questions about IKEA colors. We have therefore started Cancolour.se so that we can help you as a customer find the right shade for your IKEA projects. Perhaps you have bought a new kitchen from IKEA and wish to paint the moldings and the wall in the same color as the kitchen doors. Or maybe the old stool will become a stylish detail when it matches the new IKEA chest of drawers in the hall.

It feels good that we are in a trend where our white homes from the "bright and fresh" era should get a little more color. But that we don't necessarily need to buy brand new furniture to achieve a colorful home. We at Cancolour.se have several IKEA colors and many other shades to choose from to combine old and new.

Now you don't have to take down a kitchen door and go to the paint store to fix paint in the same color as your IKEA furniture. We've done the job! So now you can easily pick up your color at the nearest delivery point.

If you are missing an IKEA colour, please let us know! So maybe it will appear on Cancolour.se