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Primer suitable as an adhesive primer on wooden surfaces and decorative boards as well as on non-rusting metal surfaces: furniture, doors, window frames, cabinets, mouldings, panels, paneled ceilings, ventilation ducts, heating elements and pipelines.

Durable waterborne fully matte alkyd-based adhesive primer for wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors, and on galvanized, galvanized and previously painted metal surfaces indoors. Ideal application properties. Color product groups 216 and 231 according to MaalausRYL 2012 (FI). Gloss: group 6 (FI).

Suitable as an adhesive base indoors on wooden surfaces and decorative boards as well as on non-rusting metal surfaces: doors, window frames, cabinets, moldings, panels, panel ceilings, ventilation ducts, heating elements and pipelines. Indoors, FUTURA AQUA PRIMER is also suitable for priming plaster and putty surfaces when there is a requirement for a particularly durable and smooth painting substrate, e.g. window sills and posts as well as wall surfaces for special objects, such as staircases. Outdoors, FUTURA AQUA PRIMER is suitable for priming wooden surfaces such as window frames, doors, balcony railings, garden furniture, etc. The product meets the requirements of the toy safety standard EN 71-3:2013 + A3:2018 for limit values ​​of the transfer of elements.

Surface pretreatment:
New surfaces are cleaned of dust and dirt. Previously painted surfaces are washed with
CLEAN SUPER paint wash. Shiny or hard surfaces are sanded matt and the sanding dust
removed. Potholes and other irregularities are filled with SILORA A
carpentry putty.

Application method: Lacquer brush, Mohair roller, Flat iron, Spraying

Application: Stir well before use. The color is applied in one or two layers with
lacquer brush, mohair roller, flat iron or sprayer. When painting smooth surfaces, e.g.
smooth doors, the roller painting can be smoothed over with a flat iron or varnish brush.
Suitable nozzle for the high-pressure sprayer is 0.011 - 0.013". Application conditions The surface to be treated must be dry. During the application and the drying time,
the temperature of the air, the surface and the product be above +10°C and the relative
humidity below 80%. At low relative humidity and/or at temperature
above +21°C the paint dries faster. Air humidification and/or temperature
immersion in the workspace makes application easier. Ventilation after
the application shortens the paint's drying time.

Thinning: The product can be thinned if necessary 5 - 15% by volume with water. Drying time +23°C / 50% RH

Drying time:
- dust dry 1 h
- overcoatable 6 h
The drying time is extended in cold and/or damp conditions. Cleaning Warm water and CLEAN BRUSH brush wash. The utensils are washed immediately
after use.