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Preval Sprayer

Preval Sprayer

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Preval Sprayer is a professional spray system for all needs. Whether you want to make a paint or any other liquid sprayable, Preval Sprayer is the product you've been waiting for! A must for the do-it-yourselfer. The Preval Sprayer is easy to clean and requires no external accessories. The Preval Sprayer is its own compressor.
The patented venturi vacuum technology is the future. Now you no longer need an entire fleet of machines for your small or medium-sized projects. The result is the same every time!

Complete spray system.

1x Energy unit, complete with nozzle and straw. 94ml environmentally friendly propellant. Sprays up to 470ml of liquid.
1x Glass jar 177ml.
1x Plastic lid for glass jar. Save leftover liquid for the next project!
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